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The Great Pig Mod

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The Story of the Great Pig

Long ago, on the day that the skeleton archers came to destroy their village, the warriors of Rudabegia were asleep. Unnoticed by the enemy, and exhausted from their last battle, the warriors slept through the attack until they were woke up by the survivors. The Council of Steves, the village leadership, was angry with the warriors and told them, “If sleep were food, you would all be great pigs!” So from that day the Great Pig became the symbol of the Warriors of Rudabegia. 

The village was rebuilt and eventually the people began to prosper. Over the years the Warriors of Rudabegia saved their village many times. Their wise commander invented new weapons like the Fire Sword and the Creeping Death. Under the banner of The Great Pig, the warriors defeated Skeleton Archers, Zombies, Witches, and Creepers.

Now, for the first time ever, the weapons of The Great Pig are being made available. Are you ready to wield the power of The Great Pig!? 




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