Question: What version is this mod for?

 Answer: Minecraft 1.7.10

Question: Do I have to download any software for this mod?

Answer: You have to download Minecraft forge 1.7.10-

Question: Does any other mod get messed up by this mod?

Answer: There are no mods that we know of that conflict with the Greatpig mod. If you do find a mod that conflicts with the Greatpig

mod please let us know on our contact us page.

 Question: Does your structures you already built in a world change if you get the Greatpig mod?

Answer: The only thing that changes is that you have more items, blocks, and more awesome things to build and explore with.

Question: Where are the new blocks and items?

Answer: if you click the arrow on the top of the creative menu pointing right you will see whole new inventory slots with all the things in the mod.

Question: I don't see any difference between diamond armor and pig armor.

Answer: The armor bar does not show the difference between the two armors but the Greatpig armor is way better (greater resistance, less damage

done to you, and stronger).

Question: Why does my Minecraft crash when I play with this mod

Answer: Check your forge version.